Memorial tile

Dec 2018

Stoneware, glaze

300mm x 150mm x 10mm (no frame)

Inspired by Tomb tiles of Buyanquli Khan, Bukhara, Uzbekistan (1359. Earthenwares, carved and glazed). The tiles were used to decorate the tomb of the puppet emperor Buyanquli Khan to remember him. The tile contains ancient inscriptions that are deeply carved and glazed in bright colours.
In response to the original object, I made a tile that records my own experiences and memories of my daily life. I choose several sentences and words that mean a lot to me from my emails, texts, and letters. Fade out letters and writing indicate the memories can be a blur as the time is flying so fast. However, a piece of ceramics tile can keep a memory forever. The moment I gratefully wrote down the sentences that mean a lot for me, just like ancient people tried to memorize their histories, seems to be frozen on the tiles,